Dennis & Drew Wedding

Dennis & Drew Wedding

1971 Chevy C-10


I was looking at your website at the customers trucks and thought that now that ours is finished (well are they ever truly “finished” but close) I would send some pictures for you all to add to your website if you would like.

Dad and I purchased this truck in the summer of ’05 right as I was graduating high school with the intentions of a full frame off restoration within a year or so. Well life has a way of getting in the way and college is a pretty tight time financially so the truck took a back seat. It was pushed into a corner of the shop and forgotten about, we had a plan, we knew exactly what we wanted we just didn’t have the funds. Fast forward a few years, alot of hours, and a painter who was willing to let us help out to keep the bill low and we finally have the truck we dreamed of. Too many parts to list came from Southern Kentucky Classics, the bed wood came from a pecan tree off of my dad’s farm that we cut down, sawed up, and had a family friend who builds furniture plane down and add the grooves. The paint is HOK Molly Orange and was done by S&J Kustoms in Owensboro KY. There are still a few odds and ends to finish it up but for the most part it is done!

Anyway, just wanted to share some pictures with you all, thanks for all the support I know your sales department was probably tired of answering my questions or working with me to get exactly what I wanted.

Drew Wedding